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You can find figure skating score and video easy.


link sample to youtube
Mao Asada - 2013 4CC SPmao 08-4cc-fs 7:56jpn浅田真央フリー 世界選手権2011 Mao Asada Free WC 2011Mao Asada 07 GPF SP (ESPN)
Miki ANDO   Worlds 2011 LPDaisuke Takahashi 2011-SP Skate Canada2005 Grand Prix Final FS (japanese commentary)Rostelecom Cup - Mao ASADA - FS
2009 Trophee Eric Bompard Mao Asada SP浅田真央 フィンランド版字幕世界フィギュア2010 FS:鐘浅田真央(Mao Asada) 2013 Skate America SP 2013-10-19YuzuruHANYU#2011-12-09
ISU Rostelecom Cup  LADIES -610- Haruka IMAI SP - 25/11/2011Mao Asada 2013 GP Final FPMao Asada 2010 NHK Trophy SP

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