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You can find figure skating score and video easy.


link sample to youtube
Mao Asada WORLD2011 SPISU Rostelecom Cup  LADIES -610- Haruka IMAI SP - 25/11/2011Four Continents 2012 Ladies FS - Agnes ZAWADZKIMao Asada - 2012 World Figure Skating Championships in Nice
Skate America 2012 Kaitlyn WEAVER / Andrew POJE FDRostelecom Cup - Mao ASADA - FSMao Asada 2007 World Championships LPMichalBREZINA#2011-04-27
浅田真央 四大陸選手権 SP   Mao Asada 4CC SPFeb 2011 Miki Ando 安藤美姫 SPStephaneLAMBIEL#2010-02-16Carolina Kostner FS World Figure Skating Championships 2012
[高画質] 2010世界選手権トリノ 浅田真央 ショートプログラムMao Asada 2011 Rostelecom FS CBCMao Asada 浅田真央 世界女子フィギュアショートプログラム 201403272009 Trophee Eric Bompard Mao Asada SP

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