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You can find figure skating score and video easy.


link sample to youtube
Denis Ten 4CC2012 SP浅田真央 FS 2009 Rostelecom CupSofiaBIRYUKOVA#2011-11-25figure skating mao asada 2010 4cc Four Continents Championships SP
【HD】Mao Asada 2006 NHK Trophy SPElizavetaTUKTAMISHEVA#2011-12-10浅田真央 4.13 世界フィギュア国別対抗戦フリープログラムMao Asada 2009 4CC Short Program
Mao Asada - NHK Trophy 2012 - Long ProgramFour Continents 2012 Ladies FS - Agnes ZAWADZKImao 08-4cc-sp 6:34jpnValentinaMARCHEI#2012-01-27
Mao Asada GPF 2007 FPMao Asada - 2007 Worlds SP +Interview (ESPN)A. Suzuki / FS / WC 2012mao 08-4cc-fs 7:56jpn

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