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You can find figure skating score and video easy.


link sample to youtube
StephaneLAMBIEL#2010-02-16浅田真央(mao asada)  WORLD 2011 FSCarolineZHANG#2012-02-10Skate America 2012 Qing PANG / Jian TONG FS
A. Suzuki / FS / WC 2012浅田真央 フィンランド版字幕世界フィギュア2010 FS:鐘浅田真央 2011四大陸 愛の夢 (mao asada 4cc Fs)浅田真央 Mao Asada FS 2013 Word Figure Skating Championship
DaisukeTAKAHASHI#2011-04-27Skate America 2012 Valentina MARCHEI FS浅田真央 FS 2009 Rostelecom CupMichal Brezina - SA 2012/13 - SP
Miki Ando 2010 Winter Olympics FS浅田 真央 - 2009 WTT - Masquerade (Free Skate)Mao Asada - 2013 4CC SPDaisukeTAKAHASHI#2011-12-10

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